Youth Hostel Rules and Regulations

Youth Hostel Rules and Regulations

Excerpt from the  internal regulations of the School Youth Hostel in Koszalin

General  provision

  1. The task of the school Youth Hostel is: to provide recreation for children and schoolchildren, to promote tourism and sightseeing as an active form of recreation, to provide tourist information about the region, to integrate children and young people and to shape their ability to live together in a group.
  2. School pupils, students, teachers, and other educational staff, as well as tourists holding PYHA cards have the right to use the Youth Hostel.
  3. Accommodation in the Hostel, depending on availability, may be granted to other people, provided that they comply with the rules and regulations of the Youth Hostel.
  4. In the case of a limited numbers of places, priority is given to the persons listed in point 2.

Booking accommodation

Booking of accommodation in the Hostel is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. Group bookings are accepted in writing at least one month before the planned stay, with priority for youth tours organized by schools and educational institutions.
  2. The  reservation must include: the exact date of arrival, number  of nights,  number and sex  of participants, address and name of the organizer and a signature with a stamp.
  3. Bookings  are qualified according to the order of applications, with priority for groups of young people and teachers, and according to the number of available places.
  4. Individual tourists are accepted at the Hostel directly or can make an earlier booking without the need to make an advance payment.

Checking into the  Hostel

  1. The hostel day  lasts from 5pm to 10am the following day.
  2. Guest  check in is from 5pm to 10pm. On  prior arrangement with  reception, guests  can  check in before 5pm or after 10pm.
  3. Upon check in the guest is obliged  to present to reception staff a document with a photograph confirming his/her identity.
  4. In the case of organized groups, the group manager provides names, the number of people and date of stay.
  5. The receptionist enters personal details into the registration book (only authorized  personnel have access to personal data)  
  6. All payments must be settled  in advance.
  7. Youth Hostel accepts  cash only.
  8. The use of bed linen provided at the reception desk is obligatory during the stay.
  9. The price list is posted in the hostel in a visible place.
  10. Boys and girls are provided with separate accommodation.
  11. Persons who have contracted an infectious disease must not use the hostel during  the quarantine  period.
  12. The leader of a tour group and guardians are responsible for the safety, health and behavior  of young people, and are therefore obliged to stay and sleep in the Hostel together with the group.
  13. Guests are obliged to return the keys to the reception desk each time they leave the Hostel.
  14. From 10am to 5pm guests should vacate the Youth Hostel building. Administrative, organizational, cleaning and renovation works are carried out between 10am and 5pm.

Checking out of a Hostel

When checking out, a guest must :

  1. Report this fact at the reception
  2. Tidy up the room.
  3. Remove bed linen and deposit it in to the appropriate containers located outside the rooms, fold blankets and quilts.
  4. Hand over the key at the reception.
  5. The group leader  is obliged to ensure  that the  rooms are left tidy and the kitchen is cleaned.
  6. Hostel guests can leave their luggage for storage in the hostel without extra charge until 9pm the same day.

The Hostel’s responsibility for valuables and money

  1. Guests  staying  in the hostel  are required to secure valuable items, including money.
  2. The Hostel is not responsible for items left in  rooms.
  3. The Hostel is liable only for valuables and money deposited at the reception.

Rights of people staying in the hostel

Guest staying in the hostel  have at their disposal:

  • common-room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • Tourist guides, maps, folders
  • sports field
  • internet access.

Responsibilities of guests staying in the Hostel

  1. Drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs in the Hostel is strictly forbidden.
  2. Night-time silence should be observed from 10pm to 6am
  3. Guests who arrive or leave at late hours are obliged to keep quiet.
  4. Persons who stay at the hostel must use  bed-clothes (sheet, pillowcase, )
  5. Persons who stay at the hostel must make their beds before  10pm to allow those in charge to check whether they all have bed linen or sleeping bags. Staying overnight without bed linen is not allowed.
  6. Meals can only  be prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen must be tidied up and cooking utensils must be cleaned immediately after a meal.
  7. All breakages and damage to youth hostel property must be reported to reception.
  8. Saving water and energy is compulsory in the hostel.
  9. Smart dress and polite behavior is obligatory in the hostel.

The following activities are forbidden :

  • gambling.
  • drinking alcohol.
  • smoking.
  • using drugs.
  • using own electrical  appliances (kettle, heater, electric stove, etc.)
  • bringing in items considered dangerous .

Guests  who do not comply with the above rules  will be asked to leave the hostel .

Proceedings in the event of a breach of  hostel regulations and the rights remaining in the youth hostel

  1. Any damage or destruction of the youth hostel’s property should be reported immediately to reception,  which will determine the amount of any compensation required.
  2. Any guests whose conduct is improper or who infringe the hostel’s rules, will be requested to leave the hostel , and staff are obliged to inform the school or organization concerned  about this fact.
  3. In case of failure to respect the Hostel’s Rules and Regulations or unacceptable behavior of groups or individual tourists, they may be removed from the Hostel without reimbursement of accommodation fees.
  4. Persons using the Hostel may write any positive and negative remarks in the Comments Book at the Reception Desk.